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The Kroger store in Madeira, Ohio, is testing a new smart shopping cart dubbed

KroGO - manufactured by a company called Caper - that has "a built-in scale and camera, providing an easier shopping experience with less contact and faster checkout."

Here's how Kroger is promoting the system:

KC's View:

If the front end of most supermarkets is seen as one of the least pleasurable parts of the experience (and I'm being generous here) at many stores, then systems like these are going to continue to pop up, providing options (especially these days) that reduce contact between employees and customers.

I will say, though - and I should note here that I have been an enthusiastic proponent of checkout-free systems like those at Amazon Go - that when you have a great checkout experience (like the one I talked about here), it can raise the shopping trip to another level.

Let's not forget that.