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In the Divisional Round of the National Football League playoffs…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  30, New Orleans Saints  20

Cleveland Browns 17, Kansas City Chiefs 22

Los Angeles Rams 18, Green Bay Packers 32

Baltimore Ravens 3, Buffalo Bills 17

In one of the more charming sports stories of the week … and maybe the year … the New York Times has a piece about Frank Miller, a 74-year-old Dallas man who found himself at loose ends because of the pandemic.   What he really wanted, the story says, was someone with whom he could have a catch.

"In a world with its cover torn off, the idea of a man in his eighth decade yearning for a baseball buddy seemed to spark something in people."

Miller's wife went on social media and posted:  "My 74 year old husband would like to have a partner to throw the ball with. He is a former high school and college pitcher and is looking for a catcher or someone who knows how to throw a baseball … How about 3 p.m. Wednesday at Cole Park near the tennis courts?"

And about a dozen people showed up.

Probably because, "as Jim Bouton wrote in the classic book, 'Ball Four,' a lot of people spend a lifetime gripping a ball, only to realize 'it was the other way around all the time'."

You can read the piece here.