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One more thing…

I loved that line when Peter Falk, as Lt. Columbo, used to say it … usually right before he confronted the murderer with proof that the perfect crime wasn't all that perfect.

Or when Steve Jobs used to say toward the end of one of his presentations, usually right before he unveiled a new product - like the iPhone.

Today, I'm happy to present the first of a two-part conversation with Andrew Parkinson and Thomas Parkinson, who in 1989 created Peapod, the world’s first online grocer.  

Now, they're back … with one more thing.  Their new company, officially being launched tomorrow, is called Sifter, which they describe as "an advanced, new online grocery site built for the 200 million consumers who need to avoid certain allergens or ingredients, address a dietary medical need, or follow a specific lifestyle diet. The interactive site delivers an unprecedented level of product information and allows consumers to shop and select products based on their personal dietary needs and preferences. Sifter increases retailer basket size and brand sales through enhanced shopper engagement."

In part one, we talk about the genesis of Sifter, how it can be used by consumers and utilized by retailers … and set the stage for tomorrow's broader conversation about the state of the online grocery business.


You can find out more about Sifter here.