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Axios has a pieces about how the pandemic has changed the restaurant industry:

"As the country feels safer eating out, we'll venture out more often for delicious food cooked by professionals," the story suggests.  "But that alone won't get us back to where we were.

"At the peak of $65 billion per month, the vast majority of the restaurant meals consumed weren't fine dining, savored as something special. Often, they were valued more for convenience than for flavor.

"The bottom line:  The future of the restaurant industry doesn't depend on where we eat the meals we remember for years. Rather, it depends on where we go for our forgettable, quotidian sustenance."

KC's View:

I'm not suggesting that supermarkets ought to aim for satisfying people's desire for "forgettable, quotidian sustenance."  I actually think they ought to make it a priority to elevate the daily meal, using inspiration and innovation to persuade people that even after the pandemic, it is good for the stomach and the soul to feed your family more nourishing, delicious food that you've actually made yourself.  this ought to be a priority, not an afterthought.