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Rams is charming Australian comedy-drama that, I have to admit, consistently surprised me throughout its 115 minute run time;  every time I thought it was going to zig, it zagged, and I found it to be really engaging.

Sam Neill (The Hunt for Red October, Jurassic Park) and Michael Caton play long estranged brothers, each of which raises sheep from their family's prized bloodline, competing against each other at local fairs, living next to each other (they've split the family farm in two), but almost never communicating.  When one of their sheep is diagnosed with a rare illness - sort of the sheep version of mad cow disease - it is ordered that all the sheep in the region need to be destroyed.  It is this crisis that brings them together - sort of - to defy the government order and preserve the bloodline.

The film - directed by Jeremy Sims and written by Jules Duncan - has a great vibe about it - never looking down on its subjects, and finding a kind of raw nobility in their lives and work.  The cast is terrific, the Western Australia locations are beautiful, and Rams seems like a sharply observed movie about people not often seen on film.

Great stuff, and available to be seen on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

My wine of the week to recommend:  the 2019 Il Pumo Primitivo, a red wine from Salento, in Southern Italy, from the Cantine San Marzano winery.  It is deep and spicy, perfect with Italian food - maybe a nice bolognese or fresh pizza.

That's it for this week … Have a good weekend … and I'll see you Monday.

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