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Axios reports that a new Morning Consult survey indicates that "1 in 4 workers (26%) plans to look for a job at a different company once the pandemic has subsided … That number is even higher (34%) for millennials, the largest generation in the workforce today."

The story goes on:  "Of those planning to leave their current job, 80% are concerned about career growth, and nearly 75% say the pandemic made them rethink their skills.  High-performing workers no longer feel geographically tied to local employers in a remote world."

Axios says that "most workers say they want to work remotely at least part of the time after offices reopen, multiple surveys suggest."  However, close of half of survey respondents said that "they'd be nervous about job security if they stayed remote while colleagues returned."

KC's View:

It is entirely reasonable to believe that many people, having dealt with a long and often traumatic year in a variety of ways, actually are reconsidering some of their life and career choices.  (Forget changing jobs.  There have been a lot of stories recently about the increase in divorce rates.)

I think this actually might be a good time for business leaders to engage in conversations with their best people (no reason to bother with the people you want to leave), and ask what they've learned about themselves, their jobs, and their relationship to the business during the pandemic.  The simple act of listening can be powerful, and the process might create insights that will help making companies better, stronger, and more responsive.