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•  Raley's announced the reopening of the first of its stores that has been converted from its traditional format to its new O-N-E Market format, in the Sacramento-area community of El Dorado Hills.

The new format features a "highly curated assortment of products that are fresh, nutritious, organic when possible, minimally processed and sustainably sourced. In every department, the items are carefully selected to exclude ingredients from the Raley’s O-N-E Market banned ingredients list, such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated fats and oils."

“Raley’s O-N-E Market is an important part of our long-range strategy, and there will be additional conversions beyond this one,” said Keith Knopf, Raley’s President & CEO. “The pace of transformation will be guided by our purpose and aligned with customer preference. This in mind, it is our intent to be ahead of the consumer curve and inform customer choice through a commitment to education and transparency.”

•  Fast Company reports that Patagonia has decided to get out of the business of customizing its popular fleece vests with corporate logos, saying it will no longer do so.

According to the story, " In its official statement, the company said the policy change is out of concern for the planet, arguing that logos reduce the lifespan of a garment, since people change jobs and it’s hard to pass logo’d gear on. But couched beneath this diplomatic language is a deeper conflict, since Patagonia has been trying to disentangle itself from tech and finance companies for years."

It was two years ago that Patagonia said it would no longer customize vests with the logos of Silicon Valley and Wall Street companies, though it would continue to do so for "mission-driven companies that prioritize the planet."  Now now the company is going further.

I'm a big fan of Patagonia - both its products and its philosophy.  For me, the most important logo on its products is the one that makes that statement.