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Responding to yesterday's piece about how Target is taking greater control of its delivery process, one MNB reader wrote:

Now if Target can only pack the products that the customer ordered and not switch out to another product.. they might be successful !

We had a piece yesterday about how a newsstand at Dallas Love Field is equipped with Amazon's Just-Walk-Out technology, prompting one MNB reader to write:

Amazon has also partnered with OTG at Newark Airport on their “Just Walk Out” technology.  It’s a CIBO Express store.  Unfortunately, it’s past TSA security so you will need to actually travel to see it.  This store opened in August, 2020.

Thanks.  I missed that one.  Then again, I haven't been in an airport since February 2020 (and I usually spend a lot of time at Newark…).

We had a piece yesterday about how Amazon is going to spend close to a gazillion dollars on the first season of its new "Lord of the Rings" series.

One MNB reader reacted:

That’s great.  Amazon is going to do "Lord of the Rings."  I can’t wait.  Well, maybe I can.  Instead of paying per episode or per season, just wait.  It will come out and then go to your local Library, remember those, and sign out the seasons at your leisure.  We are currently watching "Yellowstone."  All 3 seasons.  Plus, it was great enjoy the smell of books again.

Actually, not necessarily.

Best I can tell, Amazon has been very disciplined about keeping its proprietary video content proprietary.  If you want to watch "Bosch," for example, you have to do it on Amazon.

And, responding to my FaceTime yesterday about how it is important for a food store to actually have food that people are willing to drive 20+ miles to buy/eat - using a chicken take-out joint 22 miles from my house as an example - one MNB reader wrote:

I would never drive 22 miles for chicken.  Maybe for a fine meal. Maybe filet mignon. But not chicken. 

Now nothing against chicken lovers (winner winner chicken diner). I've known some who would drive that far for old school fried chicken,  and I get it.

Of course if I go that far atmosphere should be part of any experience for that drive. Hopefully we'll get back to the atmosphere part.

Just saying the drive, food (something I don't have often), and atmosphere should be part of the enjoyable evening.

I've driven further than that for some food item I really love.  Crumb cake, for example.  I'd also go great distances for a fancy meal.  Doesn't much matter to me.  

There are people who eat to live.  And there are some of us who live to eat.