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MarketWatch reports that CVS Health is launching a new venture capital fund called CVS Health Ventures that is designed to invest in and partner with "early-stage companies focused on making healthcare more accessible and affordable. Starting with $100 million, the initial focus will be on tech-enabled and digital healthcare companies."

The story says that CVS says it already has made such investments "through both the CVS and Aetna businesses, including Unite Us, a program that links healthcare and social service providers. CVS also announced … that it has started to administer COVID-19 vaccines through employer-based vaccination sites."

KC's View:

Smart move, and one of the things that has distinguished CVS in recent years - a firm positioning as part of the health care continuum.  I'm not always enamored with how its stores deliver on this promise;  I think it can be inconsistent.  But it has a goal, and keeps making progress.