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NBC News reports that "Texas grocery giant H-E-B has announced it will offer free curbside pickup for Lone Star State shoppers," on orders of $35 and more. The service previously came along with a $4.95 charge with a minimum of $35 on orders."

“Our goal with H-E-B Curbside is to give Texans an easier, more convenient way to shop for the products they want and need, and we are excited to now offer this service free to all our H-E-B customers,” said Rachael Vegas, Senior Vice President of eCommerce Merchandising.

KC's View:

I wonder if this is one way for retailers to wean themselves off the third-party delivery companies that are representing them to consumers - not always well - and take greater control of the e-commerce customer experience.

Making curbside free may be one way to encourage people to use this rather than delivery … and, among other things, click-and-collect is a lot more profitable.