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by Kevin Coupe

Over the years, I've often described Michigan's four-store independent retailer Westborn Market as the best food retailer in the US that nobody has ever heard of.  That's an assessment that I'll stand by - the company, founded by the Anusbigian family more than a half-century ago, continues to do an extraordinary job with its relentless focus on quality food and service.

The thing about service is, it requires great people.  They can be hard to come by these days, as everybody deals with staffing issues.

One way to become an employer of choice is to work to make the employee feel like he or she is part of something bigger than just a job.  That's exactly the approach that Westborn is taking these days in its recruitment and hiring - which can be seen in this video that new employees watch during the training process.

I think the message is an Eye-Opener.  Enjoy.

If you're interested, here is a piece that I did about Westborn back in 2017, and a video I shot at the time.