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The New York Times reports this morning about best-selling author Dave Eggers ("The Circle"), who has a new novel coming out this fall called "The Every."

The hardcover version will be sold in independent bookstores around the country - but not on Amazon.  The paperback and audio version will come out six weeks after the hardcover, and will be sold on Amazon.

The reason?  “I don’t like bullies,” Eggers says.  "Amazon has been kicking sand in the face of independent bookstores for decades now.”

The Times writes that "the novel follows a former forest ranger and tech skeptic, Delaney Wells, as she tries to take down a dangerous monopoly from the inside: a company called The Every, formed when the world’s most powerful e-commerce site merged with the biggest social media company/search engine."

Eggers says that "one of the themes of the book is the power of monopolies to dictate our choices, so it seemed a good opportunity to push back a bit against the monopoly, Amazon, that currently rules the book world.  So we started looking into how feasible it would be to make the hardcover available only through independent bookstores."

It wasn't easy, but they got it done … and the result could be an Eye-Opener.