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•  Amazon has released additional information about its Prime Day promotion performance, saying that "in the first twenty-four hours of the promotion, more than 2.5 million customers bought products from small businesses. After the full two week period, customers had spent over $1.9 billion on more than 70 million items, which was more than a 100% year-over-year increase on sales compared to the Prime Day 2020 promotion in October."

The company says that "a key goal for Prime Day 2021 was helping Amazon's small business selling partners connect with new customers and grow their sales. As part of a new $100 million investment to help small business sellers succeed, Amazon funded a Spend $10, get $10 promotion in the days leading up to Prime Day. With the promo, Prime members received a $10 credit to spend on Prime Day when they spent $10 on small business products offered by more than 300,000 sellers in Amazon's store during the two-week lead-up to Prime Day—from June 7 to 20."

These numbers have to be seen in the context of a broader defense that Amazon is going to be making when accused of antitrust violations that make its offering bad for shoppers.  Amazon will argue that not only is it good for consumers, but it also is good for small and medium sized businesses that are able to sell far more things to far more people than they would if Amazon did not facilitate those sales.