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A Note from the Content Guy…

I recently had the opportunity to visit one of the most interesting retail concepts that I have encountered in recent memory, one that takes a unique retail-minded and customer-centric approach to health care.  It is called HealthQuarters, and the first unit has been opened in New York City's Greenwich Village - a distinctive effort to bring together a wide variety of wellness-oriented medical options in a single location that is designed to eliminate friction at all levels.  In short, a kind of medical miracle built for 21st century health care needs.

What initially grabbed my attention was the fact that the guy at the center of all this innovation is Bhavdeep Singh, who brings long experience in both the health care business and retail stints at Ahold and A&P.  You can see the company's website here, and there are some pictures below.

But after visiting HealthQuarters and chatting with Bhavdeep, I'm even more persuaded that this is a concept with a lot of potential - there is the opportunity here for retail partnerships that could be game changing for both the businesses and, even more importantly, the customer/patient.

I hope you'll enjoy our conversation.