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CNBC reports that Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson is denying reports of shortages on key supplies, including coffee and cups, though he did say that "we’ve had some shortages in the bakery case."

According to the story, Johnson was responding to reports "that said some Starbucks stores were short on cups and coffee syrups, among other things, as traffic at Starbucks rebounds from last year’s slowdown," and comments from "an unnamed spokeswoman who said select markets were being hampered by the shortages."

KC's View:

The denial might be a little more persuasive if, when you go on the Starbucks app, it did not say, "We're sorry for the inconvenience … Due to supply shortages, some items are temporarily unavailable."

Which it does.  Right now.

Starbucks always has been very good at telling its story.  But right now, it seems to me, it needs to make sure that all of its people - from the CEO to individual baristas - are telling the same story.