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The goal of "The Innovation Conversation" is to explore some facet of the fast-changing, technology-driven retail landscape and how it affects businesses and consumers. It is, we think, fertile territory ... and one that Tom Furphy - a former Amazon executive, the originator of Amazon Fresh, and currently CEO and Managing Director of Consumer Equity Partners (CEP), a venture capital and venture development firm in Seattle, WA, that works with many top retailers and manufacturers - is uniquely positioned to address.

Tom & KC consider a number of different Amazon-related stories that have broken this week, including the Wall Street Journal piece revealing that Amazon is making the ability to acquire stock warrants at a discount a condition of doing business with some companies, and the Bloomberg piece about how algorithms are responsible for evaluating and sometimes firing Amazon employees.  The optics may be terrible, especially at this time, but Tom and KC dig deeper to understand Amazon's motivations.

If you're interested in listening to an audio version this Innovation Conversation, you can do so here (or can download this file):