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Bloomberg has a story about how Amazon has considered making an Alexa-powered device that would be wearable and geared to children.

"Codenamed Seeker, the GPS-equipped device would be geared toward kids aged 4 to 12 and could take the form of a wristband, keychain or clip, according to documents reviewed by Bloomberg. The voice-activated wearable would provide access to Amazon’s children-focused content and let parents communicate with and monitor their kids."

The story notes that a similar device from Disney - based on wearables bands it uses at its theme parks - is scheduled to be marketed later this year.  There is a possibility that the two companies have been working together, but Bloomberg says that whether there has been a collaboration is "unclear."

KC's View:

The story also points out that while some parents may be concerned about whether such a device would violate their kids' right to privacy, the existence of such a device is likely to raise eyebrows at a time when Amazon's "home and surveillance devices have drawn criticism from privacy advocates."

But I have to be honest … when I read this story, I see all sorts of other applications for an Alexa-powered wearable device.  It could resemble a "Star Trek: The Next Generation"-style communicator that would, in a retail setting, could allow for easy communication among employees.  In the real world, if the technology is good enough, it could replace the mobile phone.

Once again, Amazon may actually thinking five steps ahead in this game.