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Bloomberg has an interview with Farhan Siddiqi, interim CEO at FreshDirect and Chief Digital Office at Ahold Delhaize (which acquired FreshDirect earlier this year), in which he talks about how the company plans to compete more effectively with the likes of Amazon and Instacart.

According to the story, "Siddiqi’s growth strategy includes lowering some prices, despite creeping food inflation. He’s doubling down on New York by opening small, automated warehouses in the region to speed deliveries of wine and other popular items. And the retailer is also boosting its product assortment by 25%."

"Fresh Direct is a strong brand," he says, "but people have forgotten about it because of new entrants—these new shiny objects. Fresh Direct was in survival mode for a time. We need to switch it into growth mode, so we created a three-year plan."

You can read the entire interview here.