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Content Guy's Note:  Several years ago. Michael and I came out with a book entitled "THE BIG PICTURE: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies" which was,, well, exactly what the title said it was - a collection of essays about business lessons that can be gleaned from a variety of movies, ranging from "Jaws" to "The Godfather," "Sex in the City" to "Hoosiers," and "The Shawshank Redemption" to "Bull Durham," and many more.

We're working on a sequel now, tentatively titled, "THE BIGGER PICTURE: Essential Life & Business Lessons from Popular Culture."  And, as we work on it, since this is a Friday in summer, we thought we'd offer a preview via a Zoom conversation.  Our subjects and examples range from Bruce Springsteen to "Wicked," with stops along the way to chat about Harry Potter, "Back Widow," "The Tomorrow War," and the streaming business.

You can watch our chat here or listen to it as a podcast by downloading the audio file below.

Enjoy … have a great weekend … and we'll see you next week.