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Regarding out story about how liquor-to-go remains a good business for restaurants, many of which hope it will remain legal in post-pandemic days, one MNB reader wrote:

Liquor regulation is a patchwork of insanity left over from the Prohibition era now a full century past. 

In a moment when understanding history and the context of things is very much up for debate, it is fascinating to watch this play out. 

Following up on Jeff Bezos' trip into space this week, MNB reader Kelly Dean Wiseman wrote:

Jeff Bezos may be a genius at making money, but he sure doesn’t understand much about publicity.

Instead of the small donations he sometimes gives out, think about the branding coup he could have with his own company name.

Last year the Amazon was on fire, and it is shrinking rapidly every year. Bezos has enough money to buy a huge portion of the rainforest and make it into a park or wilderness.

He could employ those miners and timber cutters as guides and support staff.

He could create Amazon International Park and be known as the rich guy who literally saved the lungs of the planet.

And his company name would be attached to it.

I think he needs new PR people.

Can I tell him how to reach you if he shoots me a text or email?

And responding to his $100 million donation to José Andrés, the chef and co-founder of World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit that helps feed and support people in disaster-stricken areas around the world, one MNB reader wrote:

 Tell Jose Andres to thank Mackenzie (Bezos' ex-wife).  She was definitely setting the bar in donations and Jeff had to catch up... or he'd be in trouble! Can't believe no one has mentioned this ~!

I think a number of people have commented that Mackenzie Scott could end up being one of the most important philanthropists of the 21st century.  

Regarding Foxtrot's ambitious expansion plans, one MNB reader wrote:

Specialty Retail: the antidote to One Stop keyboard shopping! Go Foxtrot, and others!

And, on another subject, one MNB reader wrote:

Concerning the vaccine/mask mandates, etc… “They told us not to eat raw cookie dough, now let us live our lives.”

Sorry.  I want to let this go.  But I can't.

You eat raw cookie dough and get sick, that sickness isn't communicable.  You get Covid because you didn't get the vaccine and didn't wear a mask, you could spread it.

Sure, you can go live your life.  But I'd prefer you didn't take anyone with you - especially not people who are immunocompromised and cannot be vaccinated, or people who are too young to qualify for the vaccines at the moment.

One other thing.  Check out how many people have died from eating raw cookie dough in the last 18 months.  Hell, check out how many have died from eating raw cookie dough in the last 18 years.

Then compare it to the more than 600,000 people in the US who have died from the coronavirus.  So far.

I know I am not going to convince anyone of the rightness of my position, nor am I likely to persuade anyone to accept science that they'd rather ignore.

But … Give me a freakin' break.