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Content Guy's Note:  Two previous MNB stories led to this conversation…

First, there was a piece about a new Neighborhood Delivery Microhub in Seattle, which is serving as a home to cargo bikes, electric vehicles and pallets, retailer, pickup lockers, and food trucks - the idea is that if you congregate various partners and bring them closer to the customer, you can make the delivery process both more efficient and potentially less impactful on the environment

Second, we had an interview with Beth Flippo, Chief Technology Officer at Drone Express, which is providing drone delivery services to Kroger, in which she talked about the broad applicability of that technology.

That's when I became aware of Coaster Cycles, which is one of the participants in the Seattle Microhub experiment - and, as it ends up, is working on a similar projects around the country and outside the US.  Ben Morris is the founder-CEO of Coaster Cycles, and I wanted to talk to him about a technology that may not seem as futuristic as drones, but could have as big or bigger impact.  Did you know, for example, that the last 50 feet of delivery accounts for between 25 and 50 percent off transportation supply costs?  And that bicycles have the potential for dramatically cutting down on those costs?

I hope you enjoy our conversation, which you can watch below, or can listen to as a podcast by downloading the audio file below.

(One note: there are moments in our conversation that may be a bit garbled because of the internet connection.  Please be patient with us … I think it is worth hanging in and getting past those moments.)