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Responding to our piece about Amazon's biometric technologies, one MNB reader wrote:

Is Amazon becoming “ The Borg?” If you give Amazon your palm print, you will be assimilated into the Amazon Borg. Personally, I see no reason to give anymore of my privacy to Amazon or any other big retailer.

On an other subject, from MNB reader Patrick Haines:

It is hard for me to get my mind around the difficulty of eliminating single use bags in the US. I live in Santiago, Chile and three years ago they decided to eliminate them. There were three months of notice, then three months when stores were allowed to provide two bags per customer, then none. Magically people began coming to the store with their reusable bags. Worst case scenario - you load your groceries (unbagged) back into your cart, put them loose in your car and then take them into the house in your reusable bags. Presto!

I agree.  I almost always have reusable bags, and it hasn't been all that hard to get into the habit.  Just have to have a little bit of commitment.

And, a kind note from an MNB reader about my rejoinder yesterday to an MNB reader who said he did not want to observe his church's mask mandate because, as someone fully vaccinated, he is happy to live with the low risk (.0032%) of being infected.  My response was that his church was trying not save not just souls, but lives - his wearing. mask is designed to protect other people (kids under 12, the immunocompromised) to whom he could transmit the coronavirus.

MNB is always good reading and a valuable resource and your response to the .0032% writer was eloquent.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

Usually, I'm just .0032% eloquent.