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•  Charlie Watts, who for more than 50 years provided the drumbeat that provided the musical backbone for the Rolling Stones, has passed away.  He was 80.

Variety writes, "Universally recognized as one of the greatest rock drummers of all time, Watts and guitarist Keith Richards have been the core of the Rolling Stones’ instrumental sound: Richards spends upwards of half the group’s concerts turned around, facing Watts, bobbing his head to the drummer’s rhythm."

And Rolling Stone writes, "As much as Jagger’s lyrics or Richards’ riffs, Watts’ timekeeping on key Stones songs made them key Stones songs. The loose, almost jazzy feel on '19th Nervous Breakdown,' his groove lock with Richards on 'Beast of Burden,' his extraordinary control with a very odd rhythm on 'Get Off of My Cloud,' the bounce of 'Jumpin’ Jack Flash,' his ice-cold snare on 'Gimme Shelter' — all of these are masterclasses in serving the song and shaping it at the same time."