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    Published on: August 27, 2021

    Content Guy's Note:  A few weeks ago, Michael Sansolo and I engaged in an extended conversation here about lessons that could be learned from non-retail examples that range from Bruce Springsteen to "Wicked," with stops along the way to chat about Harry Potter, "Black Widow," "The Tomorrow War," and the streaming business.

    It was, we noted, sort of like taking a series of subjects out for a test drive as we work on our new book, tentatively titled, "THE BIGGER PICTURE: Essential Life & Business Lessons from Popular Culture," which is a planned sequel to our first book, "THE BIG PICTURE: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies."

    At the end of that conversation, we promised we'd be back with another chat … this one about lessons that could be learned from baseball, which is, I think most people agree, replete with metaphors for just about everything. And so, here it is, far-ranging, sometimes digressive, but always with some relationship to the sport that the great Robert B. Parker once said was "the most important thing that doesn't matter."


    If you'd like to download it and listen to the conversation as an audio podcast, here you go:

    One final note.  As has been my custom for the past two decades, I'll be taking the week before Labor Day off, and will be back on Tuesday September 7.

    However, this year I am going to do something different.   Each day next week, while I won't be doing full MNB reports, I will post - and promote via email - a FaceTime with the Content Guy video, designed to be observational … or aspirational … or inspirational … or provocative.  Or maybe all of the above.  The idea is to just keep the lessons and metaphors flowing, because the competitive landscape for the retail business isn't going to get any easier.  I want to keep the conversation lively.

    Enjoy … have a great weekend … and I'll see you next week.