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MNB reader Andy Casey had a thought about yesterday's story about how Instacart is looking to sell online advertising; its ad business generated about $300 million in revenue last year, and some believe it could reach $1 billion by next year:

I’m not going to deny there are some benefits and valid reasons for retailers to get started in ecommerce using Instacart but this walks and quacks so much like a duck that clearly, it is in fact a duck. "For Instacart, advertising is a way to boost sales and deepen its connection with users” – deepening the connection with Instacart users, not deepening the connection for supermarkets with their customers. You don’t even have to read between the lines anymore.


Also got several emails about Michael Sansolo's column about business lessons that can be learned from the late Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts.

MNB reader Doug Fritsch wrote:

Great analogy and one that will resonate across multi-generations. Who doesn’t love the Stones.

And MNB reader Monte Stowell wrote:

Regarding the passing of Charlie Watts: Last week, I listened to the two CD’s of The Stones, Hot Licks, focusing in on Charlie Watts drumming. Having never paid any attention to how much a drummer is to a band, I came away, after 2 hours of listening to Charlie Watts, I now understand why he was the backbone of The Rolling Stones. I would ask anyone who did not pay attention to Charlie Watts, to do so, to appreciate how great he was. Truly an amazing artist. I got plenty of “Satisfaction” revisiting this great artist.  RIP Charlie.