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Bloomberg reports that "a startup that makes cultured mozzarella and ricotta cheeses without cows has just got record funding from investors looking to tap the growing market for environmentally friendly dairy alternatives.

"Berlin-based Formo will use the $50 million of Series A funding - a record for a European foodtech - to expand its product range into mature and ripened cheeses like cheddar and gruyere. The company will also scale up its precision fermentation technology."

“What our products contain are the actual milk proteins, but we don’t get them from a cow,” Britta Winterberg, Formo’s co-founder and chief scientific officer, tells Bloomberg. “We get them from our micro-organisms."

The story goes on to say that "investors are putting money into a new generation of startups that seek to replicate the pleasures of eating cheese, without the climate-warming impact of livestock farming. Companies including Miyoko’s Creamery in the U.S. and Sweden’s Stockeld Dreamery have secured funding in recent weeks, while bigger companies including Oatly Inc. view it as a new frontier for product expansion."

KC's View:

Fresh and creamy mozzarella is one of the great pleasures of being alive.  Am I being environmentally irresponsible to not want it replaced, to not want future generations to grow up without knowing what it tastes like?