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•  Bloomberg reports that "New York City agreed not to enforce against DoorDash Inc. a new law requiring food-delivery services to share customer information with restaurants while a legal challenge by the company plays out in court … the city said in a filing in Manhattan federal court that it would put the law on hold against DoorDash until the suit the company filed last month is resolved. DoorDash said it was withdrawing its request for an order blocking enforcement of the law, which is still set to go into effect against other food-delivery apps on Dec. 27. 

"DoorDash claims the law, which requires delivery companies to share with requesting restaurants the names, phone numbers and email addresses of customers who’ve ordered their food, violates its customers’ privacy."

•  Bloomberg reports that Twitch, the video game streaming platform owned by Amazon, has been hacked.

The story says that the hacker claims "to have exposed sensitive source code and detail on payouts to content creators, according to multiple media reports. Twitch confirmed the breach and said it will provide updates when it has more information … The leak also exposed Amazon’s development of a digital gaming distribution platform, a potential challenger to Valve Corp.’s dominant Steam storefront."

In an online posting, the hacker said that the action was taken to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space,” which the hacker called a “disgusting toxic cesspool."