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The September Brick Meets Click/Mercatus Grocery Shopping Survey is out, concluding that "the U.S. online grocery market generated $8.0 billion in sales during September, driven by $6.4 billion from the pickup/delivery segment and $1.7 billion from ship-to-home … During September, 64.1 million, essentially one out of two U.S. households, bought groceries online, a 16% increase versus August 2020."

For the same period, the survey says, "pickup/delivery’s combined monthly active user (MAU) base grew more than 33% while the ship-to-home user base contracted by over 12%.

"Since January 2021, the average number of orders placed by MAUs has consistently ranged between 2.66 and 2.83, and September 2021 continued this trend with MAUs placing an average of 2.76 orders. In contrast, pre-pandemic, the average number of online orders was significantly lower at just 2.03 (August 2019)."