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•  In the fifth and deciding game of the National League Divisional Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the San Francisco Giants 2-1, and now will move on to play the Atlanta Braves in the NL Championship Series.

•  In Thursday Night Football, ther Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 28-22.

KC's View:

I'm pleased to see the Dodgers advancing, but let's not pretend that the call that ended the game and series last night, saying that Wilmer Flores swung at a Max Scherzer pitch when he clearly held up, was a good one.  It wasn't, and it was a terrible way to end a matchup for the ages.  (Though, to be honest, I'm just glad the game didn't go into extra innings - I'm exhausted from these late-night games.)

I don't understand why such a call is not reviewable, especially at that point in a playoff game.  It should be.