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The other day we took note of a Wall Street Journal report that the US Preventive Services Task Force, which is described as a body that "reviews evidence and offers guidance for preventative healthcare services," has drafted a recommendation that "people in their 60s or older shouldn’t take aspirin to prevent a first heart attack or stroke because risks likely cancel out the potential benefits … The draft recommendation will be open to comment for the next month or so before the task force releases a final recommendation."  The recommendation runs counter to advice that has been given by doctors for decades, that a low-dose aspirin taken once a day can lower health risks.

One MNB reader responded:

I’ve taken a low dose aspirin for 10 or 11 years now.  My maternal grandfather suffered a major stroke about a month after retiring.  Had to learn to walk and talk all over again.  He was never right after and passed away after a few years and another stroke. 

Was enough to convince me around the age of 50 to take some precautions.

Personally, I am going to stay the course.  Both options are bad, stroke or stomach bleeding but for me the fear of a stroke, much worse.  

On the subject of Jeff Bezos' space aspirations, MNB reader Kelly Dean Wiseman wrote:

While it’s none of my business what Bezos wants to explore I would submit that Amazon continues to miss the greatest branding opportunity in decades and possibly ever.

With his many billions he could purchase giant swaths of the Amazon rain forest and create a huge national park/preserve.

Jobs could be offered to locals to run it instead of the continued deforestation.  They could call it Amazon International Park, and brand it as “saving the lungs of the planet for all time”.

Now THAT would be something far more beneficial for humanity than private rocket ships.