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DoorDash said yesterday that it is adding a security feature to its technology that is designed to protect its delivery drivers.

The Boston Globe reports that it is "partnering with security company ADT on the new features, which will be available to all US DoorDash drivers by the end of this year. Under the new system, DoorDash drivers who are feeling unsafe can connect to an ADT agent using a button in DoorDash’s app. The agent will stay on the phone until the driver feels comfortable; if the driver stops communicating, ADT will call 911. DoorDash is also adding an emergency-assistance button to its app, which drivers can swipe to let ADT know they need immediate help. ADT will contact 911 and then remain in touch with the driver via text messages."

KC's View:

This is happening because there have been a series of attacks on delivery drivers arounds the country … who ch, to my mind, reflect the continuing unraveling of civil behavior in this country.  The social fabric is beyond frayed.