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by Kevin Coupe

I know that I've used Stew Leonard's a lot over the past 18 months as an example of how to market and communicate effectively during the pandemic … and this weekend, I got a prime example yet again of how to talk to shoppers at a time of uncertainty and confusion.

It came in the form of an email to all the company's shoppers … signed by Stew Leonard Jr., and explained about how supply chain issues are affecting availability and supply, and offered suggestions for how customers could save money in the store (while acknowledging that the store's job is to get people to spend more not less).  

I just think it was a terrific email, and illustrated what I've been talking about here on MNB - while out-of-stocks and inflation are off-putting to customers, they also can be an opportunity for a smart retailer to turn them into an opportunity to create and deepen relationships with those shoppers.

Here it is … and I think it is an Eye-Opener about what is both possible and optimal.