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CNN reports that DoorDash is getting into the national shipping business, facilitating the sending of products from restaurants around the country to customers anywhere in the US.

"Here's how it works: DoorDash and Caviar users will see a "Nationwide Shipping" carousel in their apps. Once they click through, they can select what they want from participating restaurants. They can then place an order to be delivered as soon as possible — about 1-2 days after the restaurant sends it out. DoorDash estimates that it'll take about two to four days for shipments to arrive. They can also opt to have the item delivered sometime in the next three months, in time for a holiday or other special occasion.

"DoorDash covers the delivery fee, so customers don't have to pay for delivery."

The story goes on:  "The move comes at a time when the delivery space is getting more crowded, with upstarts trying to edge in as big players such as Uber Eats, DoorDash and Seamless expand their offerings. But these delivery services come with some controversy. Restaurants have complained the commission fees are too high. Some cities have capped those fees — prompting companies including DoorDash to sue. With nationwide shipping, DoorDash is following a similar model and taking a cut per order, so it's not clear how many restaurants will want to opt in."

In addition, this story from TechCrunch:

"On-demand delivery giant DoorDash announced Tuesday it was acquiring food delivery company Wolt in an all-stock deal valued at €7 billion, or $8.1 billion … Finland-based Wolt was founded in 2014 by Miki Kuusi, who, upon the deal closing, will run DoorDash International and report to Xu. The company has over 4,000 employees across 23 countries and its technology enables users to easily discover and receive food via its platform by selecting a restaurant, placing the order and hitting send.

Tony Xu, co-founder and CEO of DoorDash said in a statement that the move “will accelerate our product development, bring greater focus to each of our markets and improve the value we provide to consumers, merchants, as well as Dashers and couriers around the world.”

KC's View:

It should be pointed out that the DoorDash move into nationwide shipping would seem to send it into Goldbelly territory … and, maybe not coincidentally, Goldbelly is making its own differentiated moves this week, as detailed in a story below.

Wonder if there is a DoorDash-Goldbelly deal in the making?