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    Published on: November 18, 2021

    This morning's entry in our continuing series of conversations keyed to the celebration of MNB's 20th anniversary is with Stephen Smith, president/CEO of LL Bean, in which he talks about his career over the past 20 years from Hannaford in Maine, to various Walmart international divisions, and then back to Maine with one of the world's most iconic brands.  And, Steve talks about how great brands have to understand the fragility of their reputations, as well as lessons learned at LL Bean that would be applicable to the food business.

    If you want to download and listen to this conversation as a podcast, click below.

    Published on: November 18, 2021

    Got this email yesterday from Thomas Parkinson, the chief product officer at Sifter (and one of the co-founders of Peapod), in which he made an observation about innovation that I thought was entirely germane to our ongoing conversation.

    So I wanted to share his wisdom with you:

    I have always answered the innovation question in simple terms.  "Innovation is getting things done".  And what I mean by that, is you always beat the competition to the punch if you get it done and you will be innovator.  Many people have ideas, but the hard part is motivating your team to build it and finish it.  I say the idea is 1%, execution is 99%.

    Now that's an Eye-Opener.