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Responding to yesterday's story about Kroger expanding the usage of Nuro autonomous delivery vehicles, MNB reader Andy Casey wrote:

This seems rather inevitable but as a Florida user of Kroger home delivery somebody is going to have to help me understand how it improves the customer experience to walk out to the street and carry my groceries in rather than simply opening my front door. 

And, this email from MNB reader Steve Burbridge:

Like you I was a big fan of the Reacher series but have turned more towards some of the Baldacci series as I saw Lee Child seem to pass on the mantle to his son who is the co-author on some books.  But, I still like him in general and will continue to give him a shot when new books come out.

I was never a fan of the movies with Tom Cruise; he didn't fit the profile (and wasn't Reacher supposed to be 6'4" tall?).  I came upon the trailer for the new Reacher series on Amazon and, from the trailer, I think it might have a chance.  First episode is 2/4 so I have added it to my watchlist.

By the way, you were right about "Dopesick".  "The Pharmacist" is another Oxy-related series that will scare the heck out of you.

I'll put "The Pharmacist" on my list.

Also…Lee Child's replacement is his brother, not his son.

And I'm looking forward to the series, too.  Here's the trailer: