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In the National Football League Divisional Playoff Weekend … perhaps the best weekend of playoff football ever played:

Cincinnati Bengals 19, Tennessee Titans 16

San Francisco 49ers 13, Green Bay Packers 10

Los Angeles Rams 30, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27

Buffalo Bills 36, Kansas City Chiefs 42

The 49ers will travel to Los Angeles to play in the NFC Championship game next weekend, while the Bengals will go to Kansas City for the AFC Championship game.

KC's View:

Unless, of course, one is a broken-hearted Packers fan, it was hard not to be amused last night by the reactions on Twitter to Aaron Rogers' loss, much of it centered on his anti-vaccination position and the controversy about his status (and statements) that unfolded not that long ago:

"Aaron Rodgers should've done more of his own research on the 49ers defense."

"Wild that Aaron Rodgers didn’t get better protection against the Niners with his natural immunity."

"Everyone stop making fun of Aaron Rodgers, he hates being needled."

"We all thought Aaron Rodgers had a shot, which has happened before."