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Business Insider reports that "Google's latest e-commerce push appears to be bearing fruit, as new data reveals that more people are starting their online shopping journeys using Google, taking valuable market share away from Amazon.

"A pipeline of updates to the search giant's shopping experience is leading to an increase in Google Shopping transactions, Morgan Stanley said in a note sent out Monday.

"Analysts at the firm added that more people are also starting their online shopping journey through Google. Perhaps most interestingly, this shift is also happening among Amazon Prime subscribers, who are starting e-commerce searches less frequently on Amazon's website.

"According to a survey carried out by Morgan Stanley in November 2021, 57% of respondents first went to Google platforms, including Search and YouTube, to research a new product, up from 54% in May. The number of Amazon Prime subscribers turning to Google for these initial searches jumped to 56% from 51% in the same period … The survey results are particularly striking because Google has been steadily losing share of lucrative shopping searches to Amazon for years. If Google has managed to halt or reverse this trend, that will likely mean billions of extra dollars in search advertising revenue and other potential benefits."

KC's View:

There could be a number of factors at work here, including the fact that the pandemic changed a lot of behaviors and supply chain issues continue to disrupt consumer trends.  That said, Google is an enormous engine and it has for years been trying to gain ground on Amazon in terms of e-commerce.  No surprise that it actually be making it a game.