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by Kevin Coupe

Author/entrepreneur Seth Godin's blog posting yesterday noted that generational labels tend to be "inexact," though an often-helpful "shortcut to remind us that not everyone sees the world the way we do."  And what should we call the next generation?

Godin argues that it should be called "Generation C" … "C is for Covid, C is for Carbon, C is for Climate."

Here's his rationale:

"The combination of years of school spent at home, in a mask, combined with the significant revolution (economic, political and social) that our industrialism has led us to means that this generation will be different than the ones before. Every decision and investment and interaction is going to be filtered through the lens of carbon and remediation and resilience.

"And yet, if we combine this with the c of connection, of a cohort of people who are finding solace and possibility in community, there’s a chance for all of us. Generation C didn’t ask for any of this, but I’m hopeful that they’re up for leading the change."

One can hope.  (I find myself of late feeling hopeful, while simultaneously wondering why.)  Generation C, with any luck, will be up to the challenges that face them, seeing them with Eyes Open, rather than being in denial with eyes closed.