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Axios has a new survey from iCIMS, described as "a talent acquisition software provider, which concludes that Gen Z workers both "crave career stability" and have high expectations of their employers.

Among the survey results:  91 percent said "they care how long they stay with an employer" … close to 70 percent say "they actually see themselves staying long term" … 

47 percent said they want to be able to talk openly about mental health at the office … 43 percent want their companies to be engaged in the social causes they support … 41 percent believe that "virtual interaction will be the norm rather than the exception" … and 34 percent want cryptocurrency to be a compensation option."

KC's View:

It seems that the upheaval of the past two years may have changed some of what graduating college students want from their careers, and that constantly moving from company to company has lost some of its allure.  That said, it also seems fair to observe that these graduates have high expectations of their employers … which I think is fair, though I think that companies need to be clear that while they embrace these opportunities, they also have high expectations of the people they hire.

It cuts both ways.