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Axios and the Harris Poll are out with a new survey in which they identify the most visible brands in America and gauge their reputations, ranking them from "excellent to "very poor."

The top nine, all rated as "excellent," are, in order … Trader Joe's, H-E-B, Patagonia, Hershey, Wegmans, Samsung, Toyota, Amazon, and Honda.

Among the retail brands rated as "very good" are Publix (#19), Kroger (#25), Costco (#26), Walgreens (#30), Target (#32), CVS (#36), Starbucks (#43), Dollar Tree (#74), and Walmart (#77).

Other notables on the list:  Nordstrom (#54), Disney (#65), DoorDash (#68), Dollar Tree (#74), and GrubHub (#75).

In the "poor" category, the "visible" companies include Sears, at #93.

The worst brand reputation of the 100 most visible companies: The Trump Organization.

You can check out the full rankings and methodology here.

KC's View:

If I were Uber, Wells Fargo, Sears, TikTok, Spirit Airlines, Fox, Facebook, Twitter,, and, of course, the Trump Organization, I'd be worried … because they're the only ones ranked below My Pillow.

To the degree that surveys like this can be trusted - and I tend to be a little skeptical, because it all depends on how the questions are posed and who is asked the questions - I'm a little surprised by the Nordstrom and Disney rankings … two companies that tend to be historically strong in terms of brand reputation.  Even if these two companies can find legitimate reasons to dismiss the findings, I think it would be a mistake to do so … on the off chance that other people are seeing something that insiders are not.