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•  Albertsons said this morning that its retail media network - dubbed the Albertsons Media Collective - now is working with marketplace advertising platform Pacvue to drive more sponsored product advertising campaigns to its platform.

According to the announcement, "Pacvue clients can now expand their advertising to this new retail media network while continuing to rely on Pacvue to holistically manage their campaigns across all retail media networks with consistent performance data, flexible reporting, and smart optimizations."

“We are continuously looking for ways to grow and enhance our media network so our customers can engage with the food and brands they love. Through this new partnership with Pacvue, we are giving even more brands the opportunity to connect with more customers with relevant and inspiring content,” said Kristi Argyilan, SVP of Retail Media at Albertsons Cos.

•  Amazon has released its second Brand Protection Report, which it described as highlighting its "commitment to the authenticity of goods sold in its store and to fighting bad actors so that customers can shop with confidence."

Among the assertions:

"Amazon stopped more than 2.5 million attempts to create fraudulent selling accounts, preventing these bad actors from publishing a single product for sale. This is down from more than 6 million attempts the prior year, thanks to robust seller and product vetting, along with efforts to hold bad actors accountable that are deterring them from attempting to sell on Amazon."

Amazon also said that it "filed civil litigation against more than 170 counterfeiters in U.S. courts," and "sued or referred more than 600 criminals for investigation in the U.S., UK, EU, and China, an increase of more than 300% over 2020."

Amazon said that it "identified, seized, and appropriately disposed of more than 3 million counterfeit products, preventing them from harming customers or being resold elsewhere in the retail supply chain."