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Newsweek is out with its annual list of retailers offering the best and most consistent customer service.  "Whether it's an easy-to-use website, a generous returns policy or just a friendly voice, these companies put the customer first," Newsweek  writes, and it partnered with global data research firm Statista to compile the list … which, in the supermarket category, in order, features Publix, Wegmans, Sprouts, The Fresh Market and Whole Foods.

There are only three retailers that make the list in the "superstores and warehouse club stores" category - and, in order, they are Costco, Target, and BJ's.

There also are just three online grocery retailers listed - in order, Local Harvest. FreshDirect, and Shipt.

And, three "discount supermarkets" - Treader Joe's, Grocery Outlet, and Aldi.

Five c-store chains make the list in that category - Wawa, Sheetz, QuikTrip, Casey's General Stores, and Cumberland Farms.

KC's View:

The list is worth noting if only because it illustrates the bias that the national media has toward such things.  These are all fine companies, but I don't know that I'm buying rankings that ignore some of the great independent food retailers out there - I could come up with two or three independent food retailers who offer exceptional customer service for every one of the names that Newsweek and Statista came up with.