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It was just two weeks ago that Queen Elizabeth II passed away … and in a matter of days, her life and reign and the circumstances of her death were the subject of magazines and premium "bookazines" that could be found in retail stores all over the country.  It struck me as an amazing feat of logistics, as well as a reflection of how print media can be relevant to many consumers.  It was a subject that I wanted to discuss (while my early career was in newspapers and magazines, more recently I have questioned the future of print), so I reached out to Doug Olson, President & Chief Media Officer of a360media, the media division of accelerate360, which is in both the content and distribution business.

Full disclosure:  Yes, I know that accelerate360 is a longtime MNB sponsor.  But this struck me as an interesting story, Doug was the right person to talk about it, and I saw no reason to penalize accelerate360 for having the good taste to sponsor MNB all these years.

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