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Walmart is turning to Office Space, the 1999 cult-favorite comedy, for a holiday promotion campaign.

Here's how Variety frames the story:

"Walmart, the massive U.S. retailer, is reviving the movie with a new ad campaign that uses the talents of actors Gary Cole, who played the infamous corporate manager Bill Lumbergh and Ajay Naidu, who played the rebellious tech worker Samir Nagheenanajar. Despite the fact that their workplace, home to the soul-enervating Initech, burned to the ground at the end of the Mike Judge movie, both are back on the job, doing many of the same things they did more than two decades ago."

According to the story, "Walmart is trying to create a new image for 'a case of the Mondays,' a workplace malady that strikes many nine-to-fivers each week and that served as an essential theme of the movie, which portrays working stiff Peter Gibbons and his efforts to navigate around all the rules and regulations of life at Initech. The new reason to celebrate the first working day of the week, at least in the view of the retailer, is that most if its holiday-sales efforts are moving there. Walmart has in recent years tried to expand the concept of 'Black Friday,' the one-day retail rush that takes place on the day after Thanksgiving, to the broader pre-holiday season. Many of its sales and bargains show up online — at the start of the week."

Here's the first commercial in the campaign: