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Holiday commercials are coming online from several big food retailers, and the tone ranges from sweet/bittersweet to screwball.

•  Kroger has launched its new campaign, under the theme, "Today's Holiday Moments are Tomorrow's Memories," and it portrays a widower who finds solace and promise in memories and recipes left for him by his wife.  Musical accompaniment is by Colbie Caillat.

•  Asda goes for the comedy, hiring Will Ferrell to bring back his Elf character, portraying him as applying for a holiday job with the chain.

KC's View:

I actually like the Kroger ad more than the Asda ad … I think it plays on a lot of levels, and showing the end result - a family meal - for the products that are bought in the store resonates for me.

The Asda ad is good, but I'm one of those people who thinks that Will Ferrell is funnier and more effective when he doesn't seem quite so desperate for laughs.