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The Boston Globe reports that "fans of Market Basket are in a tizzy this season about the New England grocery store chain’s recent announcement that an unusual — yet apparently very popular — product is back on its shelves: official Market Basket-branded buckets.

"According to a spokesperson, the five-gallon plastic tubs, which feature an old-school 'DeMoulas' logo, emerge irregularly depending on supply, and stay on display for about a month and a half — before they eventually sell out."

According to the company, "A spokesperson for the company acknowledged the product, which might ordinarily be more common in a home improvement store, 'is not an item that customers normally have on their shopping list.'

"Still, many have found uses for the food-grade plastic containers. The writing on the buckets themselves promote a number of possible uses, ranging from storage of dry goods like pet food and rice, to ice melt, compost, and potting soil.

"Lots of customers, the spokesperson said, use the buckets to brine their Thanksgiving turkeys."

KC's View:

On the one hand, they're plastic tubs.  But when driven by social media and some well-timed scarcity, an item becomes wildly popular and even a status symbol.  

Go figure.