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by Kevin Coupe

Axios this morning reports on new data indicating that "the average human is older than ever … Earthlings' median age in 2022 is 30.2 years old compared to 20.6 in 1974 — 48 years ago."

The story notes that "age varies drastically by country: Japan has a median age of 49. For Nigerians, the median age is just 17."  Age also has an impact on birth rates:  "Women typically give birth to 2.4 children in their lifetime today, compared to 4.3 in 1974 … A fertility rate of 2.1 is generally considered 'replacement level' — meaning there are enough births for the new generation to exactly replace the last generation."

Another implication:  "An aging population can be positive — people living longer, more productive lives. But aging populations can lead to stunted economic growth if elderly, non-working generations end up outnumbering workers."

It does seem like Eye-Opening data … not suggesting imminent doom, but certainly worth monitoring and attention.