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Kroger said yesterday that its Thanksgiving promotions will include "a zero-compromise shopping guide with meal options that can feed 10 people for as little as $5 per person." Kroger also said that while "the cost of turkey has risen 20 cents per pound this year," it "will not shift the rising cost to customers."

Kroger said that according to 84.51º, its retail and data science, insights and media arm, "48 percent of customers surveyed plan to cut back on at least some Thanksgiving staples due to inflationary pressures."  The shopping guide, it said, "teeming with the grocer's Our Brands products, covers all the staples families need to create memorable and delicious holiday meals at an incredible value. On top of everyday savings, Kroger has also increased total promotions, digital deals, personalized offers and expanded fuel points savings throughout the holidays to keep purchase prices low."

"At Kroger, we are committed to making the holiday season memorable and accessible for everyone," said Stuart Aitken, Kroger Senior Vice President and Chief Merchant & Marketing Officer, in a prepared statement.  "We strive to keep prices low every day, and this Thanksgiving, we are helping our customers keep turkey at the center of the plate by not passing on rising turkey costs."

KC's View:

Smart.  This is something I've been harping on lately - Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to clearly define the value of shopping in the supermarket, and how retailers can serve as agents for the shopper.  This is a moment in a time of consumer anxiety when retailers can draw a line and make sure that they are on the same side of it as their customers.