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by Kevin Coupe

I have no idea how I got onto this email list.  (My recent birthday?  I hope not.  I'm counting on at least another 20 productive years.)

But I did.  And I thought I'd share it with you…

Hi Kevin,

Most people don't plan their own funerals.

I think that should change.

So my Direct-to-Consumer startup Titan Casket is offering a first-of-its-kind deal this Black Friday: Buy a casket for your future funeral, get a $50 discount now, and save your family from spending thousands of dollars more at the time of need (hopefully) many, many years from now.

I call this our "Pre-Plan-Your-Casket" Program. The $50 Black Friday discount can be unlocked on our website with the code FUNERALRULE - in reference to the FTC law requiring funeral homes to accept our cost-effective caskets.

I can talk to MorningNewsBeat about my pre-planning program.

I'm also happy to chat about the crazy experience two weeks ago of having Taylor Swift pop out of our casket in her Anti-Hero music video.


Joshua Siegel
Co-Founder & COO
Titan Casket


The email did prompt me to do a couple of things.

First, I checked out the Taylor Swift "Anti-Hero" video, and she indeed does pop out of a casket at one point.  Don't think I would've known the casket brand if not for the email, but if nothing else, it is a good talking point.

Second, I went to the Titan site (probably messing up my search history in the process), and found easily navigated web pages that do something really important - they position Titan as being advocates for the consumer, sensitive to the idea that people likely are dealing with difficult issues at the moment they visit.  That's really smart, I think - from offering a wide range of options to answering questions like, how do I give a eulogy?

We live in a world where consumers are more empowered than ever.  I think it makes sense for businesses to embrace this as an opportunity, not a problem.

Glen Terbeek said it in the title of his book, "Agentry Agenda" - retailers need to be agents for the consumers, not sales agents for manufacturers.

That's what Titan Casket is doing.  And it is an Eye-Opener.