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The US men's soccer team advanced to the knockout round of the World Cup in Qatar yesterday with a 1-0 defeat of Iran.

From the New York Times story:

"Though the American star Christian Pulisic was forced from the game at halftime with an injury sustained as he scored the game’s only goal, the 1-0 victory was a moment of redemption for a U.S. team that has been rebuilt since a stunning failure to qualify for the last World Cup in 2018. Though a new generation of talents has been unearthed and developed, many thought the Americans’ moment was still four years away, when they would be just a little older, a little more experienced, and playing on home soil in North America.

"The players showed otherwise, fending off the attacking Iranian team and advancing to the round of 16. While the U.S. has won the last two Women’s World Cups, the men have not made it past the round of 16 since 2002."

KC's View:

Alas, I haven't been paying much attention to the World Cup … I'm just not much of a soccer/football fan.  But I am really impressed with Tyler Adams, the captain of the US men's team, who showed grace and patience yesterday when he was lectured by an Iranian journalist about discrimination against Black people in the US.  When Adams' athletic career is over, he needs to run for office …